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While the mission of a non-profit may be different from a for-profit organization, a non-profit still needs to deliver the best value and professionalism to the constituency it serves as well as to its donors, just as a for-profit business must deliver to its investors. Each year in America, people start hundreds of non-profit organizations.  Responding to a serious social, community or health need, people come together through hard work, a passionate commitment and laser focus.  Volunteers rally and donations flow, good things happen.  


Continuity, Compliance, and Communication

Once an organization gets past its initial surge, the work of continuous fund raising becomes the most energy demanding and time consuming element.  Irrespective of the organization's limited staff and revolving door of volunteers, it needs to: 

  • Adhere to state requirements

  • Keep track of donors and funds

  • Reach out to new potential supporters

  • Advertise the organization’s mission and milestones

  • Maintain a web presence

  • Host events 

  • Continuously enlist more people’s involvement and money


We have served on many non-profit Boards as well as volunteered in hands-on service to the needy.  We have firsthand knowledge of how difficult it is to run an organization with limited staff and willing volunteers.  We understand the demanding needs to ensure that all of the proper documentation and filings happen.  Budget limitations and the need to keep overhead costs to a minimum often result in serious lapses in both communications to current supporters, potential donors and the world at large.   


We understand the tremendous value these organizations bring to our community.  Without adding expensive staff people, Ottima Group can help on a spot basis, with a myriad of services from Board governance to accounting and analysis, from communication and public relations and event planning to social media, including websites.


As communication experts, we focus not just on the technical

aspect of building a website, but rather we first look to your

mission and your history, and then your goals, .  Whether your

goals are to increase donations, increase visibility and awareness

for your cause, promotion of your events, or all of the above, we

factor in your organizational culture, and then approach your

website as a fully integrated critical element of your entire operation.


At Ottima Group, we have a commitment to helping non-profit

community organizations by delivering value on an ala carte basis.

If you are a 501(c)3, we have reduced pricing for you that does not skimp on effort. 

Contact us.  We can help you put your time to its best use at reasonable costs with outstanding results to help your cause.

A special word about websites. 


The website serves as the storefront for most non-profit organizations.

Many non-profit organizations focused on a community issue with limited budgets often, compromise their organizations by failing to invest in an effective and attractive website

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