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Food Export Marketing


Most large manufacturers in the food industry have their own marketing promotions staffs that are well-versed in international markets. The small to mid-sized operation may not have the staff or the expertise to export despite the demonstrated demand for niche, specialty and value-added products. With our extensive international experience and connections we are familiar with the challenges involved.  We can help your product launch into the global market place, or help you expand existing export business into new markets





  • Develop and provide a base set of expertise to help launch or grow export of retail/consumer products.

  • Look for export market product matches. 

  • Get you market intelligence to make informed decisions.

  • Assist in creating new market development opportunities, by enhancing demand for USA-grown products, finished or packaged products. 

  • Serve as hands-on representatives to execute brand market promotions, promotional trade events and market entry

  • Create culturally appropriate packaging and address foreign protocols.

  • Assist you in the application for Brand or Generic Marketing Funds available through USDA Foreign Agriculture Service and US Trade Association administered Market Access Program funding. These fund are available for small businesses that need financial support to launch a branded export effort and can reimburse you up to 50 percent of international marketing and promotion expenses for expositions and are available for commodities through a generic program. 

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